The wheel turns slowly in Africa. Until it doesn’t.


For generations the bicycle in Africa has been about more than getting from a to b. It has been a vehicle for aspiration and hope, a declaration of defiance and power, and a symbol of progress and momentum. It has represented happiness, freedom, time.

It has also been at the heart of a sporting tradition that spans the continent, from Eritrea to South Africa - a sporting tradition that has been neglected by the broader world of cycling. Unseen, uncelebrated, consigned to the margins of the sport.

Until now.

In 2025 Rwanda will host the UCI World Cycling Championships. It will be the first time in history that this competition will take place on African soil, in African mountains, and through African towns and villages.

In the run up to this pinnacle event, REVOLUTION charts the mesmerising relationship that Africa has with bicycles and cycling. From the mines of Apartheid South Africa to the killing fields of Rwanda and Burundi, and on to the cobbles and mountain passes of Europe, we tell the stories of the bicycle’s power to heal, inspire and unite people against all odds.




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