Walk On

The top is not always what you expect.


Following the incredible highs of the 2020 Premiership Season, in which they won the Premier League, the UEFA Super League and the FIFA Club World Cup, Liverpool FC and their manager, Jurgen Klopp, endured a difficult 2021. Not only did they struggle on the pitch - conceding seven goals to Aston Villa and losing six consecutive games at home - but Klopp, like many of the Liverpool faithful across the world, suffered off the pitch, losing loved ones to Covid and struggling with dramatic shifts in fortune.

In this reality feature, Jurgen Klopp and five Liverpool fans selected from around the world, each of whom have faced their own personal hardships, travel to Spioenkop in South Africa - scene of one of the most storied battles of the Boer War and inspiration for the famed Kop stand at Anfield.

WALK ON is a journey in which these six people relive a pivotal chapter of the Liverpool story, reaffirm the beauty of life and rediscover the essence of the Liverpool FC spirit.


Jurgen Klopp; Raymond Herron.


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South Africa / England / Others TBC

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