Learn something new

Poor basic financial literacy is a major problem for many South Africans. For vehicle financier Wesbank, it often represents a major roadblock as the company guides people through the process of buying their first car.

In fact, Wesbank found many potential customers were reluctant to learn the nuts and bolts of personal finance, even when given the tools to do so.

When the company asked T+W to come up with a campaign to inspire interest in its online financial literacy program, we started out by rethinking what it means to learn a new skill. No-one enjoys being ignorant.

In fact, human beings have an amazing ability to change their lives by mastering new things. People, when given the chance, usually love to learn new things.

For Wesbank, we wanted to make a series of short films for online distribution about ordinary people learning new skills and the ways it has transformed their lives.

Rather than focusing directly on the importance of personal finance, we envisaged a campaign that would inspire South Africans to change their lives by learning something new.

The work would also position Wesbank as a company committed to each person’s potential to transform his or herself, and build engagement with the brand on social media platforms.

We produced four compelling stories about South Africans managing change in their lives by learning something new. These were powerful tales that resonated strongly with people all across South Africa, each drawing thousands of views online and with viewers sharing the content and their reactions on social media and on Wesbank’s own sites.

We helped Wesbank engage with its customers by showing how learning something new can open opportunities. We also learned once again about the transformative power of a well-told story.

Turns out that learning really is lekker.