In our line of work we really appreciate a great storyteller, and Gcina Hlope is one of South Africa’s best.

T&W was honoured to work with her on DStv’s lighthearted ‘Give ‘em Sport’ campaign, aimed at reminding customers of the satellite provider’s high-quality sports programming on offer to share with friends and family throughout the festive season - a time when viewership tends to dip despite strong content offerings.

Inspired by the most uninspired of Christmas morning gifts, we asked Hlope to subvert the role of the venerable family matriarch, the person most likely to give you socks.

“What were you thinking?” asks this venerable but free-thinking gogo, before describing (with examples) why sport beats socks as a gift every time.

The result is an emotive television commercial, combining Hlope’s narrative with powerful visuals drawn from DStv’s sports offerings.

The commercial was paired with a series of well-received Instagram video stories for DStv, featuring individual cast members from the commercial, and each encouraging viewers to “rather give sports”, as well as integrated print, signage and radio advertising campaigns.

We trust viewers who know what’s good for them will listen to Gogo over the festive season.

Sorry, socks.