Superbru saves the day —Warner De Kock

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective and a little humour to turn a tough situation around.

Quick work by T&W for client SuperSport injected some much needed levity into the discussion when things turned sour in a fiery test encounter between South Africa’s Proteas and the touring Australian cricket team.

It all started with some off-colour on-field comments by Proteas wicketkeeper Quinton de Kok aimed at Australian vice-captain David Warner. It ended with a now famous CCTV video of players scuffling in a pavilion stairwell.

All definitely not cricket - with red faces on all sides, there was a real need to change the conversation and quickly.

Amid the chaos, T&W saw an opportunity to promote SuperSport’s coverage of the forthcoming third test as well as its ongoing SuperRugby programming (where sports predictor games like Superbru are increasingly driving viewership), all while having a much-needed laugh.

We overdubbed the silent CCTV footage with a voiceover featuring our own take of the players arguing not over past romantic encounters but over their Superbru picks for a not-entirely-unconnected SuperRugby match.

The resulting 60-second commercial was broadcast on SuperSport channels and released online. It proved wildly popular - not least with some of the players, who delighted in sharing impersonations of their own voices in our video.

We’re just happy to have had some fun showing the lighter side of the story.