Team Dimension Data

Rethinking sports storytelling

Team Dimension Data doesn’t think small.

Africa’s first pro cycling team has set itself the goal of producing the continent’s first Tour deFrance winner in 2020.

And it wants you and me in the peloton.

T&W is working with Team Didata to produce a rich tapestry of real-time on-the-scene sports storytelling, including films, social media and exclusive insights into the lives of the cycling and support teams.

In 2018 alone, T&W travelled with Team Didata to both the Tour De France and the Giro De Italia, as well as several smaller tours, and spent considerable time with the team in training.

It’s all designed to put cycling fans on the bus with Team Didata as it heads to some of the most spectacular sporting locations on earth.

Sport storytelling doesn’t get more gritty than this. The highs are real and so are the lows.

The pressure, stress and exhaustion, the insane hours, the cuts, grazes and broken bones are real; the logistics of keeping a top-level pro cycling outfit on the move staggering.

With Team Didata, we’re rewriting the book on in-depth sports coverage, producing new types of narrative from new perspectives -  and even redefining how a global professional sports organization stays rooted in the continent it calls home.

That’s because Team Didata works closely with innovative non-profit Qhubeka to put bikes in the hands of kids in communities across Africa as part of the #BicyclesChangeLivescampaign.

For Team Didata, Qhubeka it’s more than a partnership, it’s at the centre of everything they do, from unveiling the team in a township school to clipping in to tackle the Alped’ Heuz. It’s a commitment T&W is proud to be part of, supporting Qhubeka here at home with top-quality video content and even helping to assemble bicyles for distribution.

Like Team Didata, we’re pushing our skills, endurance, equipment and commitment to the limit to achieve our vision of what is possible.

And, like Team Didata, we wouldn’t have it any other way.