Prosper Stories

Our Prosper campaign was designed to capture the hearts and minds of their customers, reminding them that Absa is much more than “just a bank”.

Social responsibility is an afterthought to many banks, but to Absa it’s a core part of who they are.

Rather than talking about their newest accounts or low interest rates, Absa wanted to convey the ways in which they invest in the human spirit. Thus, Prosper was born.

My God, that Gareth is gorgeous
— David Wingfield

Despite creating outreach programmes, investing money and going above and beyond to help people, the folks at Absa have never been the type to blow their own horn. That was our job.

Our task was to find truly inspirational stories and demonstrate just how instrumental Absa has been to people in the African community. From unconventional pensioners to a young girl rewriting her future, there was no shortage of stories to tell.

The Prosper series, comprised of 30+ films, is dedicated to South Africans living out their dreams by unlocking their potential and possibility. The stories have positioned Absa as the bank that creates opportunity and allows people to flourish.

After all, that’s what it means to prosper.