Multichoice Africa

DStv festive campaign

Multichoice Africa challenged us to come up with a single festive season campaign that would resonate with diverse audiences all across sub-Saharan Africa.

Specifically, we were asked to build a campaign that would showcase DStv’s festive season fare in a way that would keep existing subscribers engaged at this busy time of year while also drawing in new customers via free-to-air advertising.

Most importantly, the campaign needed to have broad cross-cultural appeal, positioning Multichoice as a caring brand that understands and values its place in people’s lives at this special time of year when, all across the continent, family and friends come together.

That very Africa focus on sharing and connection was the inspiration behind our campaign concept: “It’s a Good Time To Gather Together”.

We chose to illustrate the concept in our main commercial by shooting in diverse locations including Nigeria, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, showing both the different ways people mark the season and celebrating the many things we have in common.

We also worked to show the intimate place DStv enjoys in people’s lives and highlighted how, across the continent, the same entertainment and sports content brings people together.

DStv’s high-quality programming was further highlighted in a separate promotion, driven by the same campaign concept and creative vision but aimed at attracting new customers in several different markets.

For both we delivered both a full-length commercial and a shortened version for free-to-air distribution. These each included offer information tailored to each regional market and were integrated with country-specific print and tradecampaigns.

We think the results will speak powerfully to people gathering to celebrate, connecting and share this festive season.

Because, at T&W, we know nothing brings people together like telling a great story.