Welcoming Caster

Health financial services provider Discovery asked T+W to come up with a creative video concept for the announcement of its newest Discovery Vitality Health Ambassador, 800m world and Olympic champion Caster Semenya.

With Semenya already the centrepiece of two high-profile campaigns by Nike, her humble origins, her achievements on the track and her personal resilience in the face of adversity are now widely recognised. The challenge for T+W was to find a unique and fitting way to honour a global track superstar.

We chose to focus in stead on something only a local company could capture: the very special bondCaster has come to share with ordinary South Africans.  

Caster is someone whois widely admired for what she has achieved, but deeply loved for who she is.

And that is what we decided to give her: love.

With only 10 days from concept to event, we relied heavily on our always enthusiastic client, plus a network of tried-and-true service suppliers, to pull off the most ambitious ambassador’s unveiling Discovery has attempted to date.

We also produced and released the highly emotive video of the event to social media within 24 hours.Here it quickly garnered a total of 3.8 million views across all platforms, 1.5million of these on Twitter alone.

For Discovery, it was the most popular content the company had ever distributed on its social media channels.

For us it was proof that a little love goes a long way.