Supersport 2018 FIFA Wold Cup

Connect with greatness

A winning campaign at Clio and Promax Global awards, our Connecting With Greatness project was SuperSport’s globally recognised 2018 FIFA World Cup communication piece.

It all started with the idea that watching the World Cup requires a literal connection, i.e. connecting your decoder. But when you connect to football, you’re tapping into so much more than that.

The World Cup is the most watched spectacle on the planet. It inspires emotional reactions like nothing else and brings people, from iconic legends to young fans living in slums, together.

With moments like football legend Michael Owen bringing the crew cups of tea and Pele cracking jokes about his football boots, the campaign was all about nostalgia, insight and paying respect to legends, young and old.

It was one of the most surreal moments in my life. When Pele walked in, the whole room lit up and we could feel we were in the presence of greatness
— Warwick Austin

We opened a window into their minds and memories, hearing about Owen watching Gascoigne as a child and seeing Pele almost moved to tears by Tshabalala’s goal. We saw how pivotal moments affect players just like they affect fans and allowed viewers, in that shared moment, to connect to greatness.

It may start with a physical connection, but the crux of the campaign was that the commonality between players and fans can lead to an emotional connection as well.

They don’t call it the beautiful game for nothing.