Connect to the Stars

For this campaign, we took a closer look at the lives of DStv personalities. The first in the series? Someone you’ve heard of, but rarely hear from: Nataniël le Roux.

There’s a reason people become legends – it’s because they have presence that extends far beyond being a mere person. They have star power. They have “it”.

But what about the individual behind the legend? That’s the story we set out to tell in our Connect With The Stars featurette on the unmistakable Nataniël le Roux.

It’s tough to create something intimate when it’s going to be seen by millions of people but, with a little help and cooperation from Nataniël, we were able to put something together that was nostalgic, endearing and brimming with his trademark personality.

The end result was a powerful look behind the mask of someone who isn’t necessarily known for letting his guard down, and offered us yet another reminder that behind every legend there’s another story waiting to be told.